New to Yoga

Iyengar yoga can be practiced by anyone and with differing levels of intensity. If you need a little help deciding which class is right for you, then read our class descriptions page. You are welcome to discuss with your teacher which level suits you best.

Please arrive at the studio with adequate time to change into proper clothing, turn your cell phone on to silent mode, and to inform your teacher of any injuries or other medical issues.
Please also inform your teach right away if you are pregnant. That will help us to make sure you are doing the right practice.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to digest heavy meals (about 3-4 hours) and lighter snacks (about 1 hour), as practicing on a full stomach can be uncomfortable.
Also good to come hydrated or join us for a drink after the class, as drinking during the class is not recommended.

The best clothes for yoga are easy to move in, and form fitting to allow you teacher to best see how you are performing the postures. Shorts or fitted leggings are recommended. We will practice barefoot and have facilities to wash feet for a nice clean studio. Please bring a towel.
We are a fully equipped yoga studio, and provide mats and other props for our students.
If you any further question please contact us anytime. Hope to see you soon!