I discovered yoga 12 years ago, when searching for a technic that would not only keep my body strong and flexible, but that would also quiet my jumpy mind. In Yoga I found it all and more.

My initial motivation to take up the teacher training was purely to deepen my own practice. But then I discovered the joy of sharing my own experience with others, and my whole life took a turn. I gave up my desk job and started teaching at numerous Iyengar Yoga studios throughout the Netherlands. I followed as many workshops I could afford, I visited India twice to study with the Iyengar family in Pune, I followed more teacher trainings and passed the exams, and I’m planning to continue all of this, as long as my own body and mind allow me to do.

My teaching is energetic, playful and experimental. I love to discover ways to guide and challenge my students towards confidence and deep understanding.

My aim is to bring as many as possible people on the mat, to experience the benefits of yoga, because it works and it’s simply the best one can do to become and stay healthy and sound.