Our base is the yogastudio and our expertise as Iyengar yoga teachers. But we believe there is more we can do. That is why we are not only a yoga studio but also a foundation.

Our goal is to use the foundation as a platform for yoga-related social projects. We believe that yoga is an instrument people can use to take control of their own health, physically and mentally. We would like this yoga instrument to be accessible for everyone.

We would like to reach out. We are eager to set up projects to spread yoga: to people who do not easily come into contact with yoga, to older people
who want to stay mobile and healthy, to teenagers who spend a lot of the time behind the screen and have homework stress, to people with lifestyle-related health problems. We can organise community classes that are donation based to make yoga accessible to people with a tight budget. With our "Guerrilla yoga" we take yoga outdoors, in the public space, an invitation for passersby to participate. And as a Foundation, we aim to play a role in the neighborhood as well and that is why we contribute in projects like 'Gezond Verstand'.

Your ideas, our expertise
If you have an idea, let us know. We would like to think along with you and deploy our yoga knowledge and the possibilities of our studio.

If you are sympathetic to our cause and would like to support us financially you can do so by making a donation.

Stichting ‘Yoga Teachers Collective’
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