Guerrilla Yoga

Open air class for all. Every Friday afternoon from 5-6pm if the weather allows us

Guerrilla yoga is an outdoor yoga class on different locations in and around Rotterdam.

The idea to this class was born during Corona crisis, when the only way we were allowed to teach was on-line or outside.
While searching for a suitable location we came across many great outdoor yoga spots: hard, soft, green, noisy, dusty, private, urban, loud, windy, sunny, shady…all of them special, none of them perfect.
We decided to combine our passion for yoga with our passion for the city and use them all:

Every week a different location, every week a new experience, every week a surprise!

This resulted in some unforgettable yoga moments for us and for our students alike. No doubt we will continue teaching Guerrilla Yoga on Fridays whenever the weather allows us.

We usually announce the new location per e-mail or social media, every Wednesday prior to the class. So watch your mail box for the next announcement.

Click this link and learn the details of how to pay and how to reserve your mat at out-door yoga with Yoga Coolhaven.

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