Yoga B4 Work - Start your day fresh - 12 classes in 8 weeks with a 25% discount

teacher: Joly
dates: Tuesday and Thursday 7- 8am | starting in September

Do you like to start your working day fit and energetic and also build up your physical and mental resistance? A morning yoga routine works wonders! That's why we have a super offer for you:
the YOGA B4 WORK ROUTINE ticket: 12 classes in 8 weeks with a 25% discount.
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Since I* do yoga in the morning, I am more energetic, calmer and sharper at work. Getting up early isn't hard once you've experienced all the goodness it does for you. You will feel benefits all day long! The classes are easy to step in. We will work on increasing strength, flexibility and body awareness. Every class ends with a short relaxation. Do you want to start your work energetic and crystal clear, just like me? Then sign up for Yoga B4 Work. You are welcome in our spacious, bright studio.

*Joly van der Spek has been practicing Iyengar yoga for 15 years and is a certified Iyengar teacher. In addition, she runs, (mountain) hikes and likes to cycle. During the week she works in a newsroom.