Teen yoga

Yoga classes for boys and girls, age 13-16.

By practicing yoga you get to know yourself in a different way.
We start each class with a short introduction to yoga philosophy and end it with a relaxation exercise. In between, we do simple and also challenging poses. You always do whatever you can, everything is ok. Some poses give confidence, while others calm you down. The breath moves with the posture. You develop willpower and awareness. Once a month you can (but you don't have to) invite your parent to join the class.

You can always join for a trial class to see if yoga is something you like to do. 

Tuesday 18:15-19:15, € 57 for 6 classes.
Teacher: Olga, certified Teen Yoga teacher (training Charlotta Martinus)

Interested? Send an email to info@yogacoolhaven.nl