Cool Video Recording

Rent a video from our video library and practice in your own time, whenever you want.

In your Eversport account you have access to the Yoga Coolhaven video library.
The video library is meant to inspire your home practice wherever you are, whenever you want.

At the moment you will find 12 yoga classes of 1.5 hours, recorded during the Corona lockdown in early 2021.
In the future, these classes will be supplemented with new video content.
Keep an eye on the library to see what's new.

You can rent the video classes using your Yoga Coolhaven credit card or membership. One class equals 1 credit on your credit card, and is available for one week after purchase.
If you have a Yoga Coolhaven subscription (membership), renting video's is free of charge.

#8 Dogs and More
Iyengar Yoga Sarvangasana
#7 fold / inversions
Utkatasana Iyengar Yoga
#6 Kurma / Prana
Surya Namaskar Iyengar Yoga
#5 Surya Namaskar / heat
Pranayama Iyengar Yoga
#4 rest / breath
Supta Garudasana Iyengar Yoga
#3 core strength / Vasistasana
Vasistasana Iyengar Yoga
#3 core strength / Vasistasana