How to use Eversports

Yoga Coolhaven uses an on-line booking system: Eversports.

How does Eversports work?
Create an account with Eversports, and easily book and pay for your classes with Yoga Coolhaven on-line and by yourself. In your Eversports account you will have access to your data. You can see how many credits are left on your credit card and how long it is valid, and you will also find your purchased videos from our video library and the link to your on-line classes.

How to create an account with Eversports?
Go to SCHEDULE on our website and click on a class of your choice. You will be asked to create an account with Eversports.

Where do I find my Eversports account?
You can find your Eversports account on our website via ROOSTER, but it is much more convenient if you install the Eversport app on your computer or smartphone.
Find the app in your app store. Installing Eversports on your phone or computer is free of charge.
Once you make Yoga Coolhaven your favorite, you will always see us directly when opening the app.

How to pay for a class?
Go to PRICES on our Web site or prices/shop in the Eversports app and buy a creditcard or membership at Yoga Coolhaven. You pay online with your bank account.

How to book a class?
Go to SCHEDULE on our Web-site or to schedule/classes in your Eversports app, and click on the class of your choice. A new box will appear with an explanation about the class and a button to register. Click on the button and you will be registered for the class.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to write us an email:

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