Prices from August 2022

As of August 1st, our prices will go up.
Due to inflation, we are dealing with a sharp rise of our rent and furthermore with unexpectedly high energy bills. For you as a student, this means that from August 1st, when purchasing a new credit card, the price for a credit will increase by an average of €0,37. View the new prices below.

If you buy your next card before August 1st, you will still be taking advantage of the old prices (the validity of your credit card only starts when you book the first class). And, if you purchase a 6-month membership before August 1st, you can follow your classes for the current price until February 2023!


Membership 6 months: €69 monthly
Membership 1 month: €75 per month

SMALL 18 credits: €88             
MEDIUM 30 credits: €137     
LARGE 60 credits: €250         

Trial month: €64
Single ticket 3 credits: €16,50
Single ticket 2 credits: €11