3 Christmas Workshops 2020 via ZOOM

Dec 27/28/29 10.30-12.30 Sign-up! Alle levels, everybody is welcome

For those, who would like to practice during Christmas holidays, we have planned 3 special Christmas Workshops at the studio on December 27/28/29. Each workshop will be 2-hour long and will circle around a specific topic.
Be quick to reserve your mat as the number of participants per workshop is limited. The workshops are open to all levels and can be booked using your credit-card or subscription, as usual:

one 2-hour workshop = 4 credits.
Yogi’s who don’t follow regular classes at Yoga Coolhaven can buy a single workshop ticket in our shop (Please be aware that after buying the ticket you need to book the workshop through our on-line schedule)

Dec 27 10.30 - 12.30 
Gentle Backbends with Ilona

Boost and up-lift your energy with backbends. In this workshop you will be gently guided through poses for opening the frontal body and chest to upside-down backbends, and at the end of the class towards deep relaxation.

Dec 28 10.30 - 12.30 
Subtle Deep Twists  with Sato

The goal of this workshop is to deepen your practice of seated twisting poses. With calmness and precision, you will be guided to free the movement of the spine and access its mobility, rather than forcing it into the pose.

Dec 29  10.30 - 12.30
Playful Arm Balances with Rutger **

Arm balances are a lot of fun to practice. Not only strength, flexibility also plays a major role. And of course, focus. Do not be afraid to fail: using props everyone can stand on their hands!

** Rutger is a junior level Iyengar Yoga teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. We are very happy and excited that he agreed to teach this Christmas workshop at Yoga Coolhaven.