Saturday July 24, 9-12am, all levels, with Rutger

Backbends are known to be very activating for the body and can give you a lot of energy. They help to keep the spine healthy and supple. But it can also cause unrest and tension. In this workshop Rutger will teach you how to work softly in the backbends. This will activate the parasymphatic nervous system, allowing you to experience deep relaxation.

Rutger is an experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher with a broad interest in yoga and yoga philosophy. Besides his family and work as a media strategist, he also has a passion for cycling.

The workshop is open to all levels and can be booked using your Eversports credit-card or subscription, as usual:

one 3-hour workshop = 6 credits.

Yogi’s who don’t follow regular classes at Yoga Coolhaven can book and pay the workshop through our on-line SCHEDULE above.