XMAS workshop 2022 'YOGA KURUNTA'

Thursday Dec. 29 | 10.30am - 1pm | with Franziska

Kurunta (Sanskrit) is a puppet. A puppet can be moved by means of strings attached to the head and limbs. In this class you let your body move using the ropes. As the ropes carry part of your weight, you experience lightness. The class is playful and energetic. You will explore and learn how to use the ropes to create traction and support in standing poses, back bends and inversions (max 12 participants)

The workshop is open to all levels and can be booked using your Eversports credit-card or subscription, as usual.

Yogi’s who don’t follow regular classes at Yoga Coolhaven can book and pay the workshop through our on-line SCHEDULE (above). 

5 credits | membership included | €27,50 (single ticket)