XMAS workshop 2022 'BACKBENDS'

Tuesday, Dec. 27 | 10.30am - 1pm | with Rutger

Rutger gives a workshop in which you will re-explore back bends from a careful build-up. We start with the necessary preparation with an emphasis on opening the body and developing strength in areas that are important for backbends, which you may not expect. In back bends we are not only concerned with doing (of the asana), but especially with feeling. Because as BKS Iyengar said: “Backbends are to be felt more than expressed”

The workshop is open to all levels and can be booked using your Eversports credit-card or subscription, as usual.

Yogi’s who don’t follow regular classes at Yoga Coolhaven can book and pay the workshop through our on-line SCHEDULE (above). 

5 credits | membership included | €27,50 (single ticket)