Workshop with Rutger 'BREATH'

Saturday March 18 | 2-5pm | Explore your breath in active and restorative poses

Costs: 7 credits | membership €19,25 | €38,50 single ticket

The event can be booked using your Eversports credit-card or subscription, as usual. People from outside Yoga Coolhaven can book the workshop through our Eversports schedule (click SCHEDULE above).

There is nothing more essential to our health and well-being than breath. We breathe in and out about 25,000 times a day. Usually without us being aware of it. But as soon as you start breathing with more awareness, a lot can change. Small adjustments already have a big effect on our entire system. In yoga we consciously use breath. It helps you concentrate, regulate your energy and connects body and mind. In the workshop we will go into this in more detail and explain how it works. We will experience that in the asanas (postures) and through breathing exercises and pranayama (specific yoga breathing techniques). You will notice that some asanas actually give you more space for your breath.

Who and what?
The workshop is suitable for anyone with some Iyengar Yoga experience. In class we do both, more active and quiet exercises. There is a 15 minute break half way through.

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