Yoga Coolhaven

We offer attention and precision: yoga made to measure

We believe in approaching you individually. We take your abilities into account in our classes and give precise instructions on how to do a pose. To match your health and fitness even better, we have several classes for students with more or less experience.

What you can expect from a class at Yoga Coolhaven
By means of subtle actions you examine a number of postures (asanas) per lesson. By better understanding the posture you get to know your body better and better.

Strengthen your strength, flexibility and self-confidence
If necessary, we'll adjust the postures for you. This makes our approach to yoga suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you are young or older, stiff or flexible, or suffer from an injury. We are trained to provide series of postures that can improve certain health problems: for example, low back pain, high blood pressure, headaches and menstrual problems.

We offer quality.

We mainly give a form of Hatha yoga according to the style of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar. Only certified teachers are allowed to teach Iyengar yoga. The Iyengar teacher training has an international standard and you get a diploma only after 3-4 years of disciplined training and intense study.

Our studio is there for you
In addition to the possibility of daily classes, we offer the opportunity to create an active and open yoga community; a shared studio for students, practitioners and teachers. We are open to your ideas and initiatives.

Come and visit us!
We are an enthusiastic team and have found each other in our passion for Iyengar Yoga. We all teach Iyengar Yoga, but each teacher of our team has his or her own approach and style of teaching. Try a class online or in the open air. Or drop by in our spacious, bright studio and experience the richness of our yoga classes and afterwards enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on our couch, with a view of the ships on the waterfront of Coolhaven.