Birthday fundraiser

you can support us!

We are open for 2 years!
A birthday is a good time to look forward. We are not only a yoga studio but also a foundation. We see the foundation as a platform for yoga-related social projects.
With yoga we can give people a tool with which they can take control of their own health, by themselves and from within. We would like this tool to be accessible to everyone, including people who, for various reasons, do not easily come into contact with yoga.

You can support us by donating to the foundation. In the past six months, our income was half less than expected by Covid19. That is not easy for a start-up company. If you would like to give a birthday present to the foundation, we would greatly appreciate a financial contribution. You can make a transfer, or donate cash into a box when you visit the studio. Any amount is welcome!

As a thank you for your trust and support, we would like to treat you. This month you will find a basket with unique eye pillows in the studio, handmade with love by Ilona. Pick your favourite color, take it home and give yourself a moment of rest.

Thank You!

Stichting Yoga Teachers Collective • NL 65 TRIO 0379 2703 23

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