Your first yoga class with us

What to bring, what to wear?

The studio is equipped with enough props to practice, so you don't have to bring your own mat. But if you prefer you can of course bring your own mat. Wear comfortable clothing: not too wide and not too tight, for example shorts or leggings. Do not use perfume or strong smelling deodorant. We practice barefoot.

Just before class

We like it when you come on time so we can start the class in peace and quiet. Before class you can wash your hands and feet. Don't forget to turn off your phone. Please inform us about injuries or medical problems that may be important to your practice. Also tell us if you are pregnant. That way we can teach you the correct, possibly adapted, way of yoga.

During the class

We give clear instructions and demonstrate the poses. We are used to teaching different levels within 1 class. That way also as a newcomer you will be ok.

Eat and drink?

We advise you not to take a ful meal from 2 hours before class and no snacks 1 hour before class. Doing yoga with a full stomach feels very uncomfortable.
After class there is tea or water, during class you don't need to drink.

If you have any questions you can always contact us.

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